Annakoot Mahotsav

November 10th @ CCI

Our Motto: Serve Happiness through Spirituality

VYO (Vallabh Youth Organization) is a platform where youth’s ideology can be enhanced with Spirituality by the blessings of Param Pujyapad Goswami 108 Shri Vrajrajkumarji Mahodayshri.

Vallabh Youth Organization (VYO) is a platform inspired by his Holiness Pujya Goswami 108 Shri Vrajrajkumarji Mahodayshri mainly for the Youngsters, to inspire them towards “Spirituality – the real luster of Human Life”,  gain positive vision towards life, firm faith in whatever task they persist, and to serve them Happiness through Spiritual Entertainment.

Vallabh Youth Organization was established on 11th January 2009 at a Grand Opening Ceremony at Akota Stadium in Vadodara, and from there began a wave of Youth Awareness & Youth Guidance throughout India and also abroad. Today VYO has successfully established 17 centers across the USA, multiple centers in India, UK and Africa.

VYO Richmond is one of the distinct center conducting various religious, social and fun activities around the year.  First Vaishnav Convention was hosted in Richmond and it is always going to be a proud achievement for the Richmond team.

VYO Richmond has started Prabhu Padhramani event and it has proven very successful, to learn more about Prabhu Padhramani activity talk to any VYO members.

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